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6 Simple Ways To Protect Your Device’s Data


With yesterday’s social media frenzy regarding a man and a very young girl (or 3) topping the trends in Zambia, you may want to protect your device’s data as well, especially if you have files on it that you NEVER want to see the light of internet daylight.

So here are 6 simple steps to protect your data:

Get to learn about mobile security: Check your device settings for the various security options it gives you. Turn on the necessary ones. That should be the first step to keeping your secrets, well, secret.

Keep your password to yourself: Speaking of secrets, why share a password? Unless you really have to, don’t give out your password. If you do give it to someone for them to access your device, change it after they’re done.

Make your password very strong: Sorry but ‘LOVE’, ‘1234’ and your birthday don’t quite cut the high security levels when it comes to creating a password. Let it be something that only YOU would know. To increase security, make sure you change every so often, to even harder ones.

Install anti-malware software programs: These shield your device from getting corrupted by malware from the sites you visit in your device’s browser. Some of this malware may come with keyloggers that collect your data such as passwords and personal information.

WiFi awareness: Where else do you check into accounts from? Using public servers especially WiFi can expose your devices to hackers on the same/similar network. Make sure you’re working over a secure connection. Most WiFi networks will even have a  prompt before you connect telling you that you’re about to connect to one that’s not secure.

Check the security certificate: If you have installed security apps or servers, make sure that the product certificate is up to date every once in a while, to make sure it’s not expired and left you device’s data vulnerable to exposure. Also make sure that the provider is a legit one. Google them if you have to. It will work in your favor.

Most importantly, just don’t take (half)nudes!


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