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Welcoming a new ISP in Zambia; Gilat Telecom

Gilat Telecom (formerly known as Gilat Satcom) today announced that its subsidiary in Zambia has received a license to provide cloud and fixed broadband services across Zambia from ZICTA, the Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority.

This new license will enable Gilat Telecom Zambia to meet the rising demand from businesses across Zambia who are looking for a higher-quality broadband service, and a wider range of managed services than currently available from Zambia’s existing telecom operators.

With operations across Africa, Gilat Telecom has cemented its position as one of the most reliable and cost-effective connectivity providers in Africa. As well as its established and well-regarded wholesale business, Gilat Telecom has built data centers across Africa with public cloud also supported in its POPs in Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda – and now Zambia. It also owns another successful ISP, Gilat Telecom Uganda.

Gilat Telecom Zambia has already opened an office in Lusaka, and is now recruiting a team within the country and completing work on its POP in Lusaka. It expects to start offering services shortly.

Gilat Telecom Zambia’s customers will benefit from a range of Value Added Services including:

  • A high-performance Wi-Fi Package that will bring fast broadband to their offices without the need to lay fibre to the building.
  • Virtual firewalls, endpoint anti-virus security and an email security package to protect all of an organization’s servers, desktops, laptops and email from malicious attacks and viruses.
  • A Data Protection Service which provides another level of security by storing all of an organization’s critical data, including operating systems, applications and databases, in the cloud. The data is automatically backed-up regardless of where it is stored – physical servers, virtual machines, tablets and laptops – and is easy to restore.
  • Advanced traffic management that enables its customers to use its existing bandwidth in the most efficient way by defining priorities by service and user.
  • A Cloud PBX service to reduce the cost of making internal, domestic and international calls.

All of Gilat Telecom Zambia’s cloud services are available using the Service-As-You-Go Model. This means that businesses in Zambia no longer need to purchase, update and maintain their own hardware and software; Gilat Telecom will provide these in the cloud with its cutting-edge system constantly updated and always available.

Last year year Gilat Telecom was a winner at the annual Capacity Africa awards which recognize innovation, vision and excellence across the African Telecoms industry.

Dan Zajicek, CEO of Gilat Telecom, said

“Many businesses in Zambia are still waiting for a high-speed quality broadband service. Gilat Telecom Zambia will fill that gap in the market – and offer a wide variety of additional services which can be customized to help our customers better manage their communications and IT infrastructure leaving them more time to concentrate on growing their businesses.”

For more information, please visit www.gilat.net

Source: PR Rep for Gilat Telecom

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  • Geoffrey Muhumuza

    Welcome, Gilat Telecom to the African market that is highly competitive. I can only say that African market requires a well researched entry strategy that focus on the products that are suited for the enterprise business in the respective countries.

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