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Value Creation – Arcarius Mexen’s ‘Customer First’ Mantra

The name ‘Arcarius Mexen’ has Latin and Bemba roots. It literally translates to “Trustee Creative”  hence the company’s tagline – Creative trustee for all your enterprise application needs. It is a  promise to customers to always do right by them. The goal is for customers to realize their  desired value from the work done by Arcarius Mexen. Therefore, since creating value is front and  centre of everything the company does, Arcarius Mexen means ‘Value Creation’. 

This means putting the customer first and ensuring their needs are always well represented.  Indeed every company policy, every business process, every operational task has been carefully  crafted to make certain that the interests of customers are always prioritized. 

“We have learned that putting customers first has tremendous benefit for the business too. When  you match your customer’s expectations, or better yet exceed them, they are more likely to return  in future, and some even refer others to you. You never lose when you treat your customers with  the utmost respect,” says co-founder Bertha Mwale. 

She further elaborated on why this ‘Customer First’ approach is at the heart of all operations,  stating that being a customer herself in multiple contexts, she finds herself happy to use products  and services of those businesses that treat her well. It is something she wants Arcarius Mexen to  be known for – a high level of trust.  

“It’s the little things too. No, they don’t need to roll out a red carpet for me but just simply  responding quickly and courteously or being present or saying thank you, you know? It’s those  things, those seemingly small things that make a customer comfortable and feel part of the  experience. That’s what we strive for here too. It’s not just out of duty alone but a deep desire and  passion to serve our customers,” she asserts. 

Arcarius Mexen’s current clientele is a mix of small businesses and professional individuals. This  allows it to truly hone the personal touch that has served it well so far. As the company grows, the  plan is to remain true to its core fundamentals by providing an exceptional customer experience.  Founder Daniel Mwale had to this to say, “we have been fortunate enough to work with incredible  customers and we hope to expand operations with time. When that happens, we will continue to  be known for engaging the customer in a way that prioritizes their needs. It is something that  defines us. It is something that has always been at our core of operations.” 

The fledgling company is mostly known for bespoke enterprise web applications and services. In  addition, it has expertise in policy adaption, project management and cybersecurity. All these  disciplines require a unique delivery per client. Therefore, being highly attuned to the customer’s  needs is a given. Rather than a one-size-fits-all, Arcarius Mexen prefers a ‘this-size-fits-you’  approach. And even when there is universal overlap, the company always makes sure to still tailor  their products and services to a particular client. 

So far, this approach has really worked well for Arcarius Mexen. “We are grateful for the continued  business from some of our clients. However, even our one-offs are important to us and we hope  that they keep finding value in our service to them. Our doors remain open,” says Bertha. 

If you are in need of software related services from a company that will understand your needs  and deliver on them, then Arcarius Mexen is available to offer its services to you. Their work ethic  and expertise will ensure that you realize your desired value – it is in their name.

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