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Best affiliate niches for Africans in 2020

Many people have lost jobs or been told to take indefinite leave, while others just want to earn extra income, especially since the pandemic started. There are ways online that they can do this but then they have to figure out what niches can work in the region in and I will focus on Africa.7

These are what I recommend as the 7 biggest niches that you can focus on:

    1. Health and fitness – people have been staying home and have been eating anything and everything, and many of them are more concerned about their health and are trying to stay fit. If you are someone who has the time and is passionate about working out, you can use that to your advantage by either creating an online platform where people can get health and fitness tips, or create personalized programs that can be paid for. There’s a lot of online courses that can help you plan for the different kinds of clientele that you will have. Remember that not all health and fitness tips are a one-size-fits-all (no pun intended), so you have to make very precise programmes. You can also work with a fitness instructor and a nutritionist to help with information that you can then share to your clientele.
    2. Gaming and betting – May the odds forever be in your favour because with betting you can use very low amounts and hope to get rewarded a large amount of cash. Payouts are paid to most likely a mobile money account. This is a gamble because you’re not always sure that you’re winning so betting might seem as a risky business and a lot of users are now sharing things like their betting slips in various groups and even and social media because if one wins, everyone wins. The most popular type of games that you will find are the online ones on online casino websites in Kenya. Although casinos can be risky, this is not the case if you are managing your funds correctly. You can play with a strategy and get nice wins if you know when is the right moment to raise the bet. Of course, there are professional Sports bettors too. Those people often have an ROI of 10% at least and a success rate of over 50%, which makes them profitable! The casino & betting affiliate niche is very competitive but has huge potential. With a life-time revenue share often higher than 30%, all you need is just a client a day and you might hit the affiliate “jackpot”. You could focus on affiliate programs that companies like Steam offer – but don’t expect getting the same profit. 
    3. Self-help or improvement – with all the time that people have, especially to themselves now, many are trying to do better for themselves so self-improvement is quite a big thing now. If you can have a platform that helps people realize their full potential or give advice to them to better their lives/themselves. That would really draw some attention and you can provide extra money-making products in an online store, like self-help books, mugs with quotes (because they’re cute), even t-shirts with strong messages.
    4. Dating – a lot more people have more time to date. This is a great niche now that you can invest in dating apps that help connect people or give advice. People love to hear what they already thinking from someone else, use that to your advantage to make some money. There are also very few dating sites and apps that work in Africa so why not try to make a specialized one that’s relevant to the continent? It really sucks when you go on a dating app and find that all the people you’re interested in live continents away. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with that because ‘love conquers all distance’ but it can be also very tricky seeing as flights are not yet operational and people might have to wait a while. In the meantime, they can have local options.
    5. Investment and stocks – some companies have gone under or not doing so well right now because of the Covid pandemic, but others are really making profits because of the kind of service/product they provide that the pandemic has brought demand to. You could start a group or a blog that explains how to get started with stocks and Investments if you have knowledge about how they really work. You can also give advice on how one can start buying this stock or making investments. Another option is to become a broker this might take some training and probably have to sign up to to stock association or investment corporation as a broker you will make some money off of it. A lot of people have to learn by themselves how to do this so why not make it easier by giving them information first and a small fee? It’s so much easier that way you can make some money. Of course, you can also start an affiliate program with one of the big names in the industry of investing and lead clients to them in exchange for a certain fee. Known as one of the most profitable niches, same as casinos/betting, the investment market stays one of the best choices for new affiliates to enter.
    6. Start making beauty products – this has become quite popular now as the weather shifts in various parts of the continent. It is getting quite hot and a lot of people are trying to take care of their skin and have it glowing, in short, not be ashy. This will require some capital for you to get the products that you need and you have to test that these products have no allergens or have no side effects that could harm your clients. Big thing in the beauty industry right now is organic products which require patience and a lot of testing but once you have the perfect combination, it’ll be very easy for you to market it, just make sure that you share reviews by other customers that have bought your product before so that others see too.

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