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How To Use Whatsapp Web On Your PC


Whatsapp just rolled out Whatsapp Web, a web app that allows users to mirror the app on their desktops through the Google Chrome browser. Here’s how to gain access:

1. You have to go to www.whatsapp.com using your Chrome browser on your desktop.

2. Go to the Menu bar and choose “Whatsapp Web”

3. You then scan the QR code on the site on your PC screen using your phone’s scanner.

What you need to know though is that your phone has to be connected to the internet the entire time you’re using Whatsapp Web, meaning you need to connect it to WiFi or have an active data bundle. If you were thinking you could save money, well, not really. Whatsapp doesn’t really consume much data anyway, if you’re just sending texts, not transferring larger files.

Since the main app is mirrored onto your PC with Whatsapp Web, all your messages will show on both your PC and your phone so do not worry about losing messages.

The only problem is you can not access your messages from your Whatsapp Web on your PC if your phone is off because the apps work together.

This has worked for most users on Android, Symbian, Windows and BlackBerry 10 OS platforms so far. However the service is ‘unavailable for iOS platforms due to Apple platform limitations‘, according to Whatsapp.


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