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A Samsung-Owned BlackBerry Line?

Image Credit: Gold Genie

The rumours started that Samsung wanted to buy out BlackBerry. Then BlackBerry denied the claim. The story has resurfaced with Samsung still wanting to buy BlackBerry for about $7.5 billion. Will this happen? We hope so. Here’s why we think a buyout would be great for both businesses:

BlackBerry is highly recommended for its secure networks. Samsung would do well to benefit from these for its applications as data is encrypted automatically, without the user of the gadget having to do it themselves manually. Samsung has been trying to push KNOX which is its secure mobile platform and dubbed ‘a phone within a phone’ but to be honest it just seems like a process having two ‘phones’ within one phone. Why do you think top government officials especially in America use BlackBerries?

This would be great with all the recent hacks taking place. Devices now need higher security features on them.

We know this would be great for both parties because just after the first rumour of Samsung buying BlackBerry came out, BlackBerry’s shares went up by 30%!

When the buyout claims were denied, the shares fell back by 15%. If that doesn’t show some signs of what to expect in terms of market share, we don’t know what will.

Samsung is also facing stiff competition from Apple’s range of smartphones and tablets. They seem to be panicking and creating products size for size with Apple lately, a clear indication they may have run out of ideas. Blackberry is having its own battle against trying to have a market share as both Samsung and Apple have the larger share at the moment. Together Samsung and BlackBerry may become a large brand to reckon with, dominating markets globally, whether developing or developed.

Seeing as most developing countries depend on BlackBerry for its BIS capabilities that enable users have access to unlimited browsing for a fixed fee every month(s), a cut into this could mean Samsung increases its revenue share to itself. BlackBerry products lately are losing out to products that run on Android and iOS, but imagine Samsung merging the BIS system into its own products!

BlackBerry can also benefit from having its devices upgraded to the Android operating system (OS). This will open up the type of applications that run on their phones because most app makers lately target only iOS or Android phones e.g Instagram is not compatible with BlackBerry. You have to use a third party web app like Client for Instagram (IGram) to use the app.

With the world getting more inclined to use touchscreen phones that Samsung is now known for, BlackBerry may see a bigger range of theirs move to that platform of touch capabilities. So far they have some phones that are touch screen but Samsung wins here when it comes to responsiveness.

If the deal comes to be, we’re likely to see innovations of an exciting kind from the merged company.


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