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Twitter’s new UI is refreshing

Twitter’s new UI seems less cluttered and lighter, creating more white space. I noticed the update on one of my phones this morning and I must say, I love the update’s new look.

The new UI makes text stand out more than it’s call-to-action buttons which I feel should be the goal of any app-maker of social networking apps. Previously the Like, Retweet, Share and Direct Message buttons were all too bold, getting as much attention or even more than the tweet itself:

Your status bar also has changed from grey to blue less dense call to action buttons:

You will notice that the icons of tabs all over the Twitter app have been made less bold, including the search bar, notification button and direct message tab. Compare the pictures below:

The minimalist, curvaceous look has spilled over onto the website as well:

Twitter themselves seem excited about the changes, but are you? Some are, according to #TwitterUpdate.


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