Top 8 free music apps for Android that will rule in 2020

There’s no denying the fact that music is an integral part of today’s lifestyle. And why not?

There are songs available on the internet that can match your exact mood. For instance, there are songs when you are happy, then there are songs when you feel sad and there is a whole separate genre long drives.

But the days of downloading and saving music on your phone and desktop are long gone. Today it’s all about streaming music instantly. Online music streaming apps have made it possible for users to access their favorite songs with just a few taps.

Top Free Music Streaming Apps for Android Smartphones

Let’s take a look at some of the top names when it comes to free music streaming apps for Android devices.

  1. Pandora

Pandora is an internet radio-style online music streaming application where a new station is created for the user based on the song names, artists, and genres.

The more music the user listens to in the app, the more accurate the Pandora app will be with its recommendation. This music streaming app is a great pick if you are looking forward to discovering new tunes.

  1. Spotify

Spotify is another popular music streaming application that can’t be missed. The Spotify app has been named by its users as one of the most extensive music streaming service providers at a global level. And this statement can be easily backed up by the 30+ million music tracks that are available on the platform. The app has over 80 million paying app users, which is an achievement in itself.

With this app,  the users have the option to listen to ad-supported music for free. Apart from this, users can also buy a subscription plan for Spotify to get access to additional features like saving music offline, creating custom playlists and more.

  1. SoundCloud

The next music streaming app that deserves to be on the list is SoundCloud. The mobile app has a lot to offer apart from music discovery functionality. For instance, SoundCloud allows independent artists to upload their music and host on the online streaming platform. And it justifies the main reason why app users see a lot of random music on SoundCloud.

Just like the Pandora music streaming service, the more the user uses the app, the more customized music recommendations the app offers. So, if you want to discover new artists and tracks, switch to SoundCloud.

  1. Music Maniac

The Music Maniac is a household name for Android users, all thanks to its exceptional free music streaming services. The app is also rated high on the Google Play Store by its users for providing free access to millions of high-quality songs from public search engines.

Music Maniac offers its users the option to directly download their favorite tracks which means they can also listen to the downloaded songs in the offline mode as well, which is one of the most-demanded features nowadays.

  1. Google Play Music

Google Play Music is another widely popular Android music streaming application which allows its app users to access hundreds of music stations. These music stations are specifically curated by different well-known experts in the industry. To make it even simpler for the user, these music stations are further categorized as per the users’ mood, activities, music genres, etc.

In addition to this, app users also get the option to upload their songs and make their own personalized music collection folder with a significant song limit of 50,000 music tracks.

  1. MixerBox Lite

MixerBox Lite is a strong contender in this list of best music applications and is trusted by more than 80 million music buffs from all across the globe. Moreover,  the app has also received 5-star ratings from more than 300K app users.

But the thing with MixerBox Lite is that it doesn’t support downloads so this can be a bummer for some of you music lovers who like to mainly listen to music in the offline mode.

  1. Music Download Paradise

Music Download Paradise can be your go-to option if you’re looking to download the copyleft MP3 files of your favorite soundtracks. One of the best things about this app is that it just doesn’t limit it to music.

There is a wide range of options for users to choose from, for instance, sound effects, ringtones and so much more. The User Interface (UI) of this app is simple and easy for the user to navigate through, unlike other applications.

  1. iTube

Last but not least, we have iTube on the list of top free music apps. Many users think of iTube as a less fancy version of the Spotify app that is mentioned above in the list. Here, users require a stable Internet to download their preferred songs but once downloaded they can listen to the downloaded tracks in the offline mode.

Overall, there can be done some minor improvements when it comes to the UI (User Interface) segment of the iTube app.


These are some of the best free music streaming apps for Android devices that are likely to take the lead in 2020. In case you are still not sure which online music streaming app you want to install, check out detailed app reviews of such apps on some of the leading app-focused platforms that provide in-depth reviews of iOS and Android apps of all genres.

Author Bio:- Twinkle is the product head of MobileAppDaily and keeps a close eye on the latest and trending tech releases. With her wise taste in the tech industry, she has single-handedly created a recognizable brand image.