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Top 5 features of the Infinix Hot S3 a month later

Today is my 1-month anniversary with the latest Infinix Hot S3 and here’s my 5 top features of the phone:

User experience  

I lost (yes, lost!) the initial keyboard the S3 came with and had to download another one from the Google Play Store because I was lacking emojis. 😑😭😩🙈

Other than that, the phone is easy to use. The fingerprint scanner is so sensitive I’m forever unlocking my phone accidentally.


The front camera in Beauty mode is meant to improve how your features like skin look, but I noticed that at the highest beauty level the outcome is often too airbrushed. Try to keep a medium level if you opt for Beauty mode. You can ‘correct’ your pictures with the inbuilt tools that alter the levels of brightness, contrast, exposure, and even add a filter. The video camera allows you to record videos with qualities of 1080P, 720P or 480P (always stick to the highest quality if you’re a content creator like me).

Infinix Hot S3

Software and apps 

I was impressed it came with Android 8.0 out the box. Every app interaction is smooth. I currently have 68 apps installed and no lag whatsoever. Not that they are all open at the same time but I usually have 5 or more running at the same time and don’t face the delays when switching from one to another. I experienced app shutdowns and hanging in the lower Infinix Hot 4, so this is one major reason to upgrade.


I’m a firm believer that the right headsets will give you the right sound, but it also helps to have a device that has its own little powerful sound system. The Infinix S3 comes with an inbuilt equalizer that gives you audio options from Classical, Dance, Folk to electronic. It also has a Bass Boost and Surround Sound tuners that give you 0 – 100% options. Another feature is Reverb to enable you optimize sound from a small room to a large one or have none of it whatsoever.

Battery life 

It hasn’t deteriorated at all a month later. A full charge gives me a full day’s use, continuously. At 15% battery level, the phone will give you the option to switch to power-saving mode. Your battery options include enabling adaptive brightness that optimizes the screen brightness level for available light. If you didn’t know this, the level of brightness of your screen uses a lot of your battery power. If you set it to adaptive brightness, it will switch the levels depending on the amount of light around you and may prolong your battery life.

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