Tint Africa is the best thing to ever happen to small businesses

Tint Africa is an online directory that may just be the best thing to ever happen to small African businesses. Yes, the statement is bold but we can back it up. For starters, let’s look at what an online business directory is and why it’s important.

An online directory is a website listing organisations with details such as addresses, websites, emails and more in a thematic manner.

Now that we know what a directory is, let’s recognise why it’s important. Submitting a business to an online directory helps boost online visibility and overall SEO. Furthermore, reviews that businesses get from customers provide social proof and recommendation — this boosts sales.

Online directories are very important for a business’ solid online presence. Ever wondered why Yelp, Google My Business and Yellow Pages are popular? Now you know. It’s evident that directories are important and Tint Africa amplifies that.

Whew, that’s enough technical stuff for the day.

Let’s look at what Tint Africa really is. As a directory, the website has a minimalist Afrocentric design that softly speaks Africa. The directory is strictly for businesses on the continent.

The reason behind this directory is simple — boost the online visibility and digitisation journey of African businesses. There’s a plethora of African online business directories but Tint Africa is different. Here’s why.

Most directories just require businesses to submit their details and it ends there. Other directories even charge for a spot on their website. Well, Tint Africa has taken a different approach that aims at providing small businesses and budding entrepreneurs with value.

Tint Africa lists small businesses for FREE

Small businesses and budding entrepreneurs usually run on little or zero budgets for an online presence. This is why Tint Africa is offering their Cheetah package for free. Users don’t need a credit card to join. In addition, users can easily sign up with Facebook and Google.

The directory also has premium packages namely Eagle and Lion. With that in mind, the premium packages are for businesses with multiple locations and listing needs.

Since most directories are basic, Tint Africa has taken the route to be feature rich. For example, businesses are not limited to an online profile but they can post events and jobs with ease. And the good part is that they all pop up on Google.

Something to love about Tint Africa is the backend. When users login to the dashboard, they can view how customers interact with their profile. At a glance, users can view how many visitors they get, which countries they’re from and what devices they use. 

In sum, users or businesses gain a better understanding of who their customers are so that they can better tailor their offers. Plus, having quality customer data positively impacts KPIs.

In a nutshell, the directory takes away the guessing game on what might work for a business. Additionally, Tint Africa gives businesses an opportunity to submit press releases and promotional offers. 

As an additional bonus, businesses may opt to sell their products online in their mini store right from the directory. The features mentioned here are available in all the packages. Simply put, the directory is a great platform and all it needs is a good userbase.

It will help many small businesses

With over five years’ experience in digital marketing — preferably SEO, the team behind the directory know better. For this reason, businesses on the directory solely have to focus on what matters most — serve their customers efficiently. On the other hand, if small businesses or entrepreneurs don’t use a tool like this one, they may fail.

In the first place, a business is started with success in mind. So, it’s just wise to create a profile on the platform. Signing up is easy and fast.

It’s obvious that this is more than just a directory and it’s tailored for the African market. With this intention, it’s only right for small businesses and entrepreneurs to sign up  — especially Zambian entities. In sum, African businesses can thrive by leveraging the platform and showing the world what they offer.