The Black Professionals In Tech Network Has Launched In Zambia!

The Black Professionals in Tech Network (OBSIDI By BPTN) the largest network of Black tech professionals in North America, with over 60,000 black tech professional members globally, was officially launched in Zambia on July 22nd 2022.

“BPTN is here to stay and will be investing $500,000USD yearly into the Zambian economy through hiring 17+ Fulltime staff, renting an office space in Lusaka and purchasing of equipment. Our Zambian office will be our Software engineering office, and it will help BPTN Inc build and maintain its global platform,“ said Mr. Lekan Olawoye of BPTN (pictured).

Be part of the booming tech industry, find your strengths and join a growing and vibrant global network of Black tech professionals.

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