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The Basics of Affiliate Marketing

Large businesses know that affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote their products. At the same time, it allows everyone to start an online business by joining a partner program. Making money from affiliate programs does not require a 9 to 5 work schedule. It is enough to have a computer and several hours per day. Below, you’ll learn the basics of affiliate marketing that can help you make important decisions.

What is affiliate marketing?

Many well-known companies promote their products and services through a network of partners. For example, global gambling leader PariPesa pays a commission for advertising information about its games and betting opportunities. It is a straightforward process with clear procedures. You don’t need to offer something unique — all forms of cooperation have already been established. Affiliates just need to choose a model and start earning money.

Models of cooperation

Usually, partners receive a payment if a customer who came to the site through their links takes some action. This model is called a CPA or cost per action. Here are a few of its options:


  • Pay per click. When a user clicks on the link, an affiliate receives some small payment. Only unique clicks matter, so you cheat, infinitely clicking on the same link from the same IP address. This is a relatively low-paying type of affiliate program.
  • Pay per sale. The action in this model is a purchase. If a user pays the company, you, as an affiliate, receive a certain commission. The percentage can be significant. If you manage to not only bring a customer to the site but also convince them to buy, you can count on a very decent income.
  • Pay per view. The partner receives payment for displaying the desired affiliate advertising on their website. You don’t even need to motivate visitors to click on advertising links. This model is the rarest among all mentioned.


These are only the basics of this business. If you want to know more about affiliate marketing in Africa, you can click on the link and become a part of the international team!

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