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Tech Leaders Marius Van Vuuren and Mark Townsend Drive Zambia’s Digital Transformation

In recognition of their significant contributions to Zambia’s technological advancement, Marius Van Vuuren, Country Manager of Paratus Zambia, and Mark Townsend, CEO of Liquid Intelligent Technologies Zambia, have received the Internet Achievers Award from the CEO Africa Roundtable. This accolade highlights their pivotal roles in enhancing Zambia’s digital infrastructure and fostering economic growth across the continent.

Marius Van Vuuren, Country Manager of Paratus Zambia (left), and Mark Townsend, CEO of Liquid Intelligent Technologies Zambia (right)

Paratus Zambia’s journey over the past decade under the leadership of Marius Van Vuuren is a remarkable story of growth and transformation. Ten years ago, Paratus was a small operation run out of a house with just three employees. Today, it stands as a leader in the nation’s tech landscape. Marius’s efforts have led to the establishment of Zambia’s first premier data center, a critical step in boosting the country’s digital capabilities. Additionally, his work on deploying extensive metro fiber networks has significantly improved connectivity, positioning Zambia as a leader in digital progress.

Similarly, under Mark Townsend’s leadership over the past five years, Liquid Intelligent Technologies Zambia has achieved significant milestones. The company has greatly expanded its infrastructure, increasing internet accessibility and connectivity throughout the country. Notable achievements include the rollout of an extensive fiber network that connects major cities and remote areas, making high-speed internet accessible to more people than ever before. Mark’s strategic initiatives have been crucial in bridging the digital divide, empowering businesses and communities with reliable and affordable internet solutions, and driving economic development through innovative technological advancements.

The CEO Africa Roundtable, a platform uniting corporate leaders from both the public and private sectors, is dedicated to advancing economic development throughout Africa. By fostering collaboration, forming strategic alliances, leveraging expert knowledge, and shaping policy agendas, the Roundtable supports economic growth and progress on a large scale.

The Internet Achievers Award celebrates the exceptional accomplishments of Marius and Mark, underscoring the significant impact of their work in the digital sphere.

From left to right: Mark Townsend, CEO of Liquid Intelligent Technologies Zambia, Marius Van Vuuren, Country Manager of Paratus Zambia, and Sandi Chimpala, CEO of Techtrends Zambia

At Techtrends, we are keenly following their progress and the ongoing transformation they are driving. Their leadership promises continued advancements in connectivity, innovation, and economic growth for Zambia and beyond.

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