3 June 2022

#DataMustFall is trending on Twitter


Many of the apps you enjoy use a lot of data not surprisingly, so users are fed up of the high cost of data limiting access to these apps and have taken to a Twitter protest (Twitest?). The trend was reignited (it existed before) by South African celebrity Tbo Touch last night with this being one of his initial tweets:

Many other South Africans joined in and these are some interesting (and hilarious) ones:

Data pricing is no new conversation in Zambia as well, but how do we really feel about it?

Do you think #DataMustFall here too, or is the price just right?


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3 thoughts on “#DataMustFall is trending on Twitter

  1. The recent decision to extend the tax on data to us ISP’s shows we are still viewing data as a luxury. In this age of technology, IT IS NOT! #DataMustFall

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