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The Sony Hack Explained


So here’s what happened: a hacker group going by the name “Guardians of Peace” hacked into the Sony Pictures Entertainment database.

Why they did it: There was a movie on the database called The Interview, who in it actors Seth Rogen and James Franco assassinate Kim Jong-un,  North Korea’s current leader, and they wanted it NOT aired.

Seth Rogen (l) and James Franco (r)

How they went about the hack: Release private information, emails and other conversations, and then sent out a threat to anyone who intends to show that movie.

The end result: The movie got cancelled, but Sony’s Pictures CEO Michael Lynton apparently wants the public to see the film, despite Sony Picture’s recent statement that it will not release the film, in digital format or otherwise.

What else happened: Well, a lot of information about Sony has leaked and is at the tip of the hackers’ fingertips, literally! Employee information, gossip, basically the type of secrets no one else should ever know about about a company. They can leak more things if they want.

What confuses us: The hack attack is being blamed on North Korea now, but initially The Interview didn’t seem like that’s what they were after because the leaked information was emails and other confidential information. It feels like they might have just stumbled upon the movie and then voila, bait! However the FBI in the US says they have linked some of the codes used to hack to North Korea so that’s were fingers are pointing for now.

What’s scary: There have been reports that the hackers, with their access to Sony employees’ contact details, have been sending threats to them about hurting their families. Yikes!

Obama steps in: and says Sony’s response to the hackers was a mistake. Sony replied blaming the theater houses that bailed on showing the movie. Sony also threatened to sue media houses and platforms like Twitter where the hacked information was being shared.

So will the movie not show? Apparently the screening is still set for tomorrow (Christmas Day). You may want to grab a bowl of popcorn for the drama that may ensue.

We hope they figure out who did this and find some way to block all the information stolen from being spread around. We just feel sorry for the Sony IT team (or guy) that didn’t notice the hack, which may have been started way back, happening.

You can read more about what we now know thanks to the hack here.

Image Credits: CNN, Hollywood Reporter


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