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Skype for Business is also coming to iOS and Android


Popular voice over internet protocol (VoIP) app Skype is testing Skype for Business targeted at the corporate world. Not that they aren’t using it already, Skype just wants to enhance the user experience the business world.

It will allow up to 250 people on a single call, group messaging or video chat, and also enables you to add your contacts straight from your Microsoft Outlook accounts. You can even start chats from applications like Word or PowerPoint, schedule meetings in Outlook and see your contacts status updates.

However, unlike the regular free Skype app, Skype for Business will cost you $2 per month (approx K16), which isn’t too bad seeing as you increase the number of people you can chat to in a group from 25 to 250. 10 times worth it if you ask me!

Another great feature is that Skype has added a security feature that encrypts information. Microsoft’s Office website states, “All communications are protected by strong authentication and encryption. You control employee accounts, so you can add or remove subscriptions and assign features based on people’s collaboration needs. If you’re already on the Microsoft platform, the account info stored for each person in your organization will be immediately recognized across Skype for Business.”

Microsoft is for now allowing users to apply for the Skype preview and will contact finalists on the 17th of August, 2015 so you can apply to be a part of the preview here. We now know they are working on a platform available to iOS and Android platforms as well.

Image Source: Skype

You can preview Skype for Business here, before it is made generally available to everyone. As a business you can sign up and invite 8 employees, 4 on iOS and 4 on Android, to test the preview before official release.

You need to have Lync 2013 enabled on your PC for Skype for Business to work properly.


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