The End is Upon Us Again: Sim Registration Deadline

Zicta Sim Reg DeadlineFirst order of business for this writer before proceeding with current story, was to go to the ZICTA website to check for a SIM registration deadline extension. This was essential because the last deadline was extended on the actual initial deadline date which was December 31, 2013. To my satisfaction, there was none. Satisfied because a consistent structure of the system is relevant to good governance.

Sim Registration Extra Time

Anyway, this morning, I bechanced a customer registering their SIM card at the Arcades Airtel Zambia store. Apparently, the customer had registered her SIM card way back in 2012 when the initiative was first being implemented. According to the Airtel sales representative who was serving this customer, the system used to capture the data in 2012 had collapsed and therefore none of the information was recorded. Thus, Airtel conveniently decided to only notify these early bird responsible clients a few days before SIM registration deadline that their SIM cards were actually NOT registered. What irony!

This time around, the earlier announced phased approach to SIM deactivation was superseded by the one month extension. Therefore, on February 1,  2014 all  unregistered SIM cards will be deactivated and removed from the Service providers’ systems.

To check if your SIM is registered dial:

Network USSD Code
All Service Providers *101#