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The Shmoney dance, but on your phone


If you’re familiar with the ‘shmoney’ dance (Google it before you proceed), you’re officially cool. Now put the videos of that on your phone as imagine it as a game. Done? Ok now stop imagining because that game exists, simply called Shmoney.

It was released last week and is available for Android and iOS devices as we speak.

The game is simple, get the guy on your screen to avoid the falling objects which look like fiery heads, as he does the ‘shmoney dance tweaking out of trouble’ as the app description puts it.

It’s a fun past time for like a day or two to be honest. I think the developers could have done better with the graphics and the motion sensor of the shmoney dancing guy. I personally tried the app and sometimes the guy didn’t respond to touch to move him, which was a common complaint among the reviews on the app download link in the Play Store. It now stands at a 3.1 star rating from over 1400 reviews.

Should you get it? If you don’t mind the graphics and if you like the background music which is the latest hiphop. Basically this is an app that took a trending dance among the youth worldwide and went with it. Opportunistic. I give it 1 star because it doesn’t have that much to offer and may not last a while as a top app. I would rather post a video of myself doing the shmoney dance to YouTube. Speaking of YouTube, here’s a compilation of shmoney dance Vine compilations for you to get familiar with what the hype is all about:


Image Credit: Google Play Store




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