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Is Samsung taking shots at Apple with the Galaxy S7?

Samsung Galaxy S6

Features of the not-yet-released Samsung Galaxy S7 have been surfacing on the internet, with many tech writers speculating that the S7 will come with pressure-sensitive screen, a feature that was seen in the Apple iPhone 6 range of phones.

So, the question is, is Samsung taking a shot at Apple?

It’s possible, seeing as the two are the biggest rivals in the smartphone market currently, with Samsung selling more phones but losing market share. Just a few weeks ago, Samsung was ordered to pay $548 million to Apple who sued them for patent violations, with Samsung appealing that judgement in the High Court. Read more about that case here.

The S7 is rumoured to come with a retina scanner as a security option, and will have pressure sensitive screens that respond differently depending on the strength of the user’s touch. CNET reports that this may be an effort by Samsung to make more sales as competition especially from Chinese phone makers, with low-budget phones, steps up.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is expected to be released in two options, an S7 and S7 Edge, as it was with the S6.It is also expected to come with a high speed charging port, according to WSJ.

We expect to see the SIM slot on the side of the phone, compared to previous models like the S4 or S5 that had it under the battery cover.


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