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Samsung Galaxy S5 Sales Drop Globally; Will They Get Cheaper in Zambia?


Samsung may be one of the popular brands among the biggest like Apple, HTC, Sony, Nokia, LG and Blackberry, but it’s sales of its Galaxy S5 are starting to drop. Having been globally launched in April, we reviewed how it measures up to it’s predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S4, I came to the conclusion that the Samsung Galaxy S5 was better for having a faster processor, a better rear camera, and a longer lasting battery.

Why this slump in sales globally?


Firstly, the competition from its rivals is crazy. HTC had released the HTC One M8, Sony had the Sony Xperia Z2, LG released the G3, and now Apple is set to release the iPhone 6. These phones are all direct rivals in term of capabilities and the modern techie has more options to chose from.

What does this mean for Zambian consumers?

Hopefully, a lower price for the Samsung Galaxy S5. We have so many options, and with people knowing what they want out of a phone, brand loyalty is something phone distributors may have to fight for.  They have to make the best prices available to Zambian consumers in order to make a sale. I’m yet to see payment plans for phones that actually attract consumers to sign up.

 What can be done? 

Well, first of all the marketing teams selling the Samsung Galaxy S5 brand better spend some sleepless nights on selling the product. The 3 major market segmentation factors you should always consider are:

1. Location: What area your product will most likely sell in.

2. Age: What age group will the product most likely sell to.

3. Income: How much is your target market getting paid at the month-end? Will they afford your product or do you have to make suitable payment plans for various income groups? Will you make it a packaged deal e.g. phone will come with free data, like Airtel did?


Those are some questions to discuss when things start to go haywire in sales.


For sales to go any higher, price must come down. Another option would be to create affordable payment plans that are packaged attractively.

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