The Rise of Mobile 3.0: African markets lead consumer growth (Infographic)

MEF, the London based organisation of businesses around the world working to monetize their products via mobile, last week released a report called The Global Consumer Survey which covers the results of research on the behaviours and attitudes of mobile media users from developed and developing markets across the world – African markets included.

Some findings in that report however have been summarised in an infographic titled The Rise of Mobile 3.0 which we’ve reposted below.  Some interesting thing to note include the fact that African markets are leading consumer growth in mobile. The reason being that unlike the rest of the world these are mobile-first markets. Mobile money in Africa has brought commerce opportunities that developed markets already had on other platforms. There are more interesting facts in the type of mobile purchases made by consumers in the different markets, as well as the spend on the purchases.

See other findings the report establishes in the infographic: