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A review of the Huawei Ascend G526


Huawei recently launched theirroadshow demo truck and they showcased some of their various gadgets that are on demand and one of these was the Huawei Ascend G526. We told you before about the Ascend P6, but now let’s see what the Ascend G526 has on the plate.

Before we go any go any further, the Ascend G526 is LTE enabled, so you can access an available 4G network. If that alone doesn’t convince you to get it, then read on.

Having dimensions of 134.5 x 67.5 x 9.9 mm, it is slightly thicker than the Ascend P6, which is termed the “thinnest smartphone around”, but still comfortable enough to hold in your hand. The screen has a resolution of 540 x 960 pixels, at 4.5 inches, making it less than that in the P6 but enough for you to see vivid colours on a wide enough screen.

It comes in colour variations of black and white, which is limiting for people who like a pop of colour in their lives so let’s hope its other features woo you. The Ascend P6 had the same colour options but with an extra pink addition just because they could.

The processor in the G526 is Dual-core 1.2 GHz running on Android OS, Jelly Bean v4.1, compared to the The Huawei Ascend P6 runs on Android JellyBean v4.2 (but there is an upgrade to the latest KitKat v4.4) and it has a 1.5GHz CPU and Huawei K3V2 chipset, making it a not-so-bad phone to browse with. Processor- wise, the P6 beats the G526 hands down.

Huawei Ascend P6

It has a camera size in the rear of 5MP which is not that bad if you know how to manipulate cameras to take nice pictures in the perfect lighting. The front camera however is a mockery being VGA. Who wants VGA anymore? Plus, this is the era of “selfies” so a great front camera is essential, doesn’t Huawei know that? Why didn’t they put one as good as the 5MP in the Ascend P6?

Moving along to battery life, the Huawei Ascend G526 has a 1950mAh battery with Huawei Power Saving Technology so expect a few more hours of use as long as you fully charge it before usage. The battery is almost as good a the P6, which has a battery of 2000mAh.

Looking at the internal memory, the Ascend G526 comes with 4GB and 1GB of RAM. It should be enough for smaller files and downloads but if you need more space you could always expand by adding a micro SD card of up to 32G. This makes is far much better than the P6 which comes with an internal storage of 8MB and no SD card provision.

So in conclusion the Ascend P6 is far much better than the Ascend G526, but what’s the price difference? Well the P6 is going for K2950 while the G526 is at K1999 in MTN outlets, which makes sense because the P6 seems like a beast compared to the other. So should you buy the G526? Only if you don’t have enough cash to get the P6, if you hate taking selfies, if phone memory is important to you and if you want to connect to 4G. 

Picture Credit: GSMArena, GeekyGadgets


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