Here’s a possible reason why Apple is buying Beats by Dre, from Dre.


What do you get when you cross Apple’s buying power and Beats headsets? A very rich hip hop producer! Apple just announced plans to buy Beats technology,  and its music streaming service Beats Music, from Dr Dre and it will cost them $3.2 billion for that, making him hip hop’s first billionaire! I bet you wished you had created some cool headsets earlier, don’t you?

Anyway, Dr Dre won’t exactly get all of the $3.2 billion, which sucks, but he will get about $800 million from it after paying all necessary taxes. gosh. How much are the rates?!

That $800 million will make him the richest  in hip hop circles, taking that spot from P Diddy (or Sean Combs, whatever he prefers to go by these days) who was lastly accounted for as being worth $700 million.

Why does Apple want Beats though? We are not sure, as are many others. According toPeter Lauriaof Buzzfeed, Apple isn’t buying Beats Entertainment for $3.2 billion — what it is really doing is acqui-hiring Jimmy Iovine.

According to a source with direct knowledge of the negotiations, Iovine would leave Universal Music Group, his record label home for more than two decades, to join Apple in an undefined “creative role” as part of a deal for Beats. Iovine, who along with rapper Dr. Dre founded Beats in 2008, is currently the chairman of Universal’s Interscope/Geffen/A&M labels.”

Jimmy Iovine, cofounder of Beats, could be the reason Apple wants to buy Beats at all
Jimmy Iovine, co-founder of Beats, could be the reason Apple wants to buy Beats at all

It could be true because Iovine knows his stuff when it comes to business. We can only speculate.
Maybe you Apple lovers will now get your iDevices prepackaged with Beats, but then  how much will it cost you? Will they reduce their prices? Will they just sell them separately? Will  we see a “b” sign characteristic of Beats earphones next to an apple with a chunk bitten off? We’ll just have to wait and see.
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