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Press Release: GOtv slashes decoder prices to K199

GOtv Zambia reiterated its commitment to provide Zambians with affordable digital services when the country switches over to digital television on 1st October 2017. Launched in 2011 in partnership with the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC), GOtv has continued to work closely with the ZNBC to ensure full participation in digital migration that will allow citizens to acquire digital television.

“As part of our commitment to assist with the digital migration in Zambia and to allow consumers’ access to digital television at a price everyone can afford we have further reduced the price of our decoders to K199 and they come with one month GOtv Plus subscription which will provide phenomenal television channels creating excitement for the whole family” said Recha Kabwe, MultiChoice Zambia Acting Managing Director.

“As a true migration partner and as a tried and tested platform for digital migration, our decoders not only allow consumers to access digital television at a price everyone can afford but it also gives them more choice and the best possible option for joining the digital television revolution. “I want to remind Zambians that GOtv is already digital, so if you have a GOtv decoder you will not need to buy any other decoder when the country makes the move to digital television,” concluded Kabwe.

For K199 subscribers will get a GOtv decoder including one month subscription to GOtv Plus – which gives them access to over 34 exciting local channels with the Zambia Super Division Football on SuperSport as well as great international channels.

The GOtv channel lineup includes – OneZed, AfricaMagic  MNet Movies Zone, AfricaMagic Family, Telemundo, ZeeWorld Al Jazeera, E entertainment, Discovery Family, Disney Junior, e.TV Africa, FAITH, Emmanuel TV, JimJam, ZNBC 1, ZNBC 2, SuperSport Blitz, Select Sport 2, Select Sport 3, MTV Base, Fox Life and BBC World News.

Customers will also watch local channels that include QTV, CAMNET, Diamond TV, Prime TV, Hope TV, and Revelations TV.

“As a digital operator, we understand that content is very important that is why the GOtv channels have been carefully selected to offer a host of relevant international and local channels made in Zambia for Zambians to cater for a variety of taste for the whole family”, Kabwe stated.

After the launch of the service in Zambia six years ago in partnership with ZNBC, the GOtv signal has gone on to cover 85% of the urban television population where GOtv operates. GOtv customers will continue to enjoy their services on the digital platform after the analogue switch over as GOtv already exist on the digital platform. The availability of GOtv also contributes greatly towards sensitizing and educating consumers about the concept of digital migration, which will spur the take-up of digital television services. It is also a great opportunity to bolster efforts of creating an informed Zambian society.

GOtv now covers all major cities in Zambia in its pursuit to enable the government achieve a speedy migration from analogue to digital broadcasting, and will continue to roll out to new cities in the future.

For more info on GOtv its products or where to buy GOtv, visit the website on www.gotvafrica.com.

(Source: GOtv Zambia)