eVisa; An initiative by Zambia’s Immigration Department

eVisa Zambian Immigration
eVisa Zambian Immigration

Visa applications have always been fraught with loads of paperwork and stress. You have to physically get to an embassy or courier your passport leaving you stranded without a travel document. The Zambian Immigration department has recently launched the eVisa portal. eVisa is an online visa application website for travellers to Zambia.

The url to access the eVisa site is http://evisa.zambiaimmigration.gov.zm/. The eVisa site enables you to apply for the following Visa purposes; Business, Diplomatic, Official, Religious, Student, Transit and Visitor.  To assist the applicant different Visa categories, Day Tripper, Single, Double, Multiple and Transit, are explained in detail to ensure no confusion for the potential traveller. The online forms are logically laid out and easy to follow, the fees are also clearly stated for the different categories.

Well done to the Immigration department for going online with the eVisa and making e-governance a reality. The online application process makes Zambia more attractive to visitors as compared to her neighbours who do not have an online application process; and that includes South Africa.



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