Play on the Go! Your favourite casino games on your mobile.

Gone are the days when players used to wait until they get home to log onto their home PC to play at their favourite online casino.  The widespread use of mobile phones and moreover with the huge advancements of smartphones these past few years, now you can play your favourite games at your favourite casino from wherever you are at any hour of the day.

Online casinos and game providers alike, have heavily invested in mobile friendly games and user experiences to make the shift from desktop to mobile a pleasant one. This is a list of tips to follow when choosing a ‘play on the go’ casino experience.

Mobile friendly front end 

Casinos all have their very own themes which they pride themselves with.  They prominently feature what the casino stands for and provide a look and feel which makes end players feel at home on their platform.  The vast majority of these online casinos have invested hours of research and development and invested heavily in building robust and sleek mobile friendly front ends.  These mobile friendly front ends are valid for both mobile phones and tablets as well.  These mobile front ends offer players a seamless experience whether they are playing on a desktop or on a browser loaded on their smart phone.

Mobile applications

A good number of online casinos have designed and developed mobile applications (apps) for the most popular platforms – Android and iOS.  Some apps are downloaded directly from the casino’s web presence and others from the platform’s official store.  Apps range in technologies, with some being fully native and others being crafted as hybrid applications using a myriad of native and web technologies.  The same credentials (login and password) for web-based casinos and their respective mobile applications apply in nearly all cases.

Optimised features

When creating these player experiences on mobile devices, such as smart phones, tablets and phablets, casinos and the providers of their games optimised games and casino features to work smoothly and uninterruptedly on the latter devices. No flash is used in their platforms.  More often than not cut down versions of content pages and secondary pages are included to offer a game-centric approach for better usability.  Online and mobile-based casinos are tightly integrated to offer a unified approach to players.  Quick and easy to use experiences are being offered by the world’s major casinos and start-ups too.

Mobile device performance

Space on one’s device, battery life, security and internet usage are four of the most important elements that one can think of, when using his or her mobile device for a long span.  Top mobile casinos all put in a great element of effort to ensure these elements are manipulated in the best way possible for the end user.

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