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Owen Malambo Named Tech Star of the Year At Techtrends Zambia Awards 2022

Owen Malambo, a tech professional with years of industry experience, was named Tech Star of the Year at the Techtrends Zambia Awards 2022 held on 3rd March 2023. This award recognises the overall tech professional who has made the most significant contribution to the industry over the past year, such as through innovation, leadership, and impact.

Owen was selected for his outstanding contributions to the tech industry in Zambia, including his innovative work in digital acceleration, leadership skills, and overall impact in the sector. His work has helped advance the industry, making it more accessible, efficient, and reliable for businesses and individuals alike.

Throughout his career, Owen has been at the forefront of the technology industry in Zambia, working with various organisations and companies to develop innovative solutions to pressing challenges. He has demonstrated a deep commitment to using technology to improve people’s lives, particularly in underserved communities where access to information and resources can be limited.

Tech Star of the Year 2021 Komba Malukutila (left) hands over the Award to Owen Malambo (right), Tech Star of the Year 2022, as Guest of Honour Elias Chipimo looks on

Owen has a wealth of experience in change management and IT, having worked with several leading tech companies in Zambia and beyond. In addition to his technical skills, Owen is also a skilled leader and communicator. He has led teams of developers and engineers on numerous projects, ensuring that they stay on track and meet their objectives. His ability to work effectively with others and manage complex projects has earned him a reputation as a trusted and reliable partner in the tech industry.

Owen is a graduate of Strategic Innovation from Oxford Business School. He holds a Master of Business Administration – Management College of South Africa, ITIL Expert, COBIT, Project Management and a Higher Diploma in Information Technology.

In accepting the award, Owen expressed his gratitude to the organizers of the Techtrends Zambia Awards, the public who voted, and to his colleagues in the tech industry. He highlighted the importance of innovation and collaboration in the tech sector, noting, “We must continue to push the boundaries of what is possible and work together to build a better future for all”.

Owen’s win at the Techtrends Zambia Awards 2022 is a testament to his hard work, dedication, and expertise in the tech industry. As he continues to innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible, he will undoubtedly make even greater contributions to the sector in the coming years.