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Dalitso Miti Wins “Best Man Marketing” And Shares How to Market A Fintech

Meet Dalitso Miti, a beacon of inspiration for aspiring marketers nationwide. His unwavering passion for marketing has earned him accolades and recognition, including the prestigious title of “Emerging Marketer of the Year” at the 2023 Zambia Institute of Marketing (ZIM) Annual Awards, and more recently, “Best Man Marketing” at the Zambian Man of The Year Awards 2023.

As the Marketing Manager at MTN Fintech, Dalitso has been instrumental in elevating product education, brand recognition, and overall visibility. His impactful contributions have not only garnered collaborative accolade nominations but have also resulted in a series of awards, underscoring his ability to propel a brand to new heights.

Boasting extensive experience in brand management, Dalitso has successfully navigated diverse aspects such as brand positioning, marketing and communication strategy, trade marketing, and media strategy. His impressive portfolio includes collaborations with globally recognized brands such as Santander Bank UK, Corby of Windsor UK, Hollard, Zambezi Magic, OneZed, Multichoice, Finca, Zambeef, and his current role at MTN Fintech.

Despite being one of the youngest male marketers in Zambia’s professional landscape, Dalitso remains steadfast in his passion and commitment to the industry. His continuous growth and development underscore a strong desire to collaborate with the Zambia Institute of Marketing for enhanced knowledge transfer. Dalitso stands as a shining example of what can be achieved through hard work, dedication, and an unwavering love for the art of marketing.

We had a chat with him on tips to market a fintech:

Techtrends Zambia (TTZ): Can you share some key strategies or tactics you employed to successfully market the fintech platform and make it stand out in the competitive market? 

Dalitso: Understanding our customers and their needs has always been the first step. We always ensure that we are using the appropriate content that will resonate through the right channels, ensuring that the message of our value proposition reaches them.

TTZ: Building a strong brand presence is crucial in fintech marketing. How did you ensure that the brand was effectively communicated to the target audience, and what role did brand identity play in your marketing success? 

Dalitso: I am fortunate to be working with a Fintech company that strongly believes in providing the benefits of modern technology to everyone. Based on this belief, we have established a strong brand presence by positioning MoMo as a reliable partner for a modern lifestyle, offering digital solutions for Zambia’s progress and helping our valued subscribers achieve more each day. To ensure that our purpose is well understood without compromising the depth of our core message, we have adopted a regionalised execution approach in communicating our message in every province of Zambia.

TTZ: The platform likely faced competition from other fintech platforms. How did you differentiate your marketing strategy to position it as the preferred choice for users, and what unique selling points did you emphasize? 

Dalitso: We are mindful of our competitors’ actions, but we do not base our approach solely on theirs. We concentrate on our strategy and maintain our commitment to our long-term vision. Our distinctiveness stems from our execution and brand tone. We always present ourselves in a one-of-a-kind way to our subscribers as a brand.

TTZ: Engaging with the audience is crucial for the success of any marketing campaign. What were some innovative ways you used to connect with your target audience and build a community around the fintech platform? 

Dalitso: As Fintech Marketing, we have three key stakeholders that we always look to keep engaged: our customers, our agents, and our merchants. We strive to create unique opportunities to drive brand-to-customer engagement, and in most instances, this will be through experiential events and rewarding promotions that are memorable and exciting.

TTZ: Fintech platforms often deal with sensitive financial information. How did you address security concerns in your marketing strategy, and how did you build trust among users to encourage adoption? 

Dalitso: We are committed to driving cyber security and fraud prevention awareness to all our stakeholders, and we ensure that we have dedicated content shared through various channels on a weekly basis. This content includes simplified tips on how customers can safeguard their wallets and personal details.

TTZ: The use of digital channels is integral in marketing fintech services. Can you share insights into your digital marketing approach, including the platforms and techniques that proved most effective in reaching and converting your target audience? 

Dalitso: Digital marketing has definitely played a key role in our marketing efforts. To ensure the success of our digital marketing efforts, it is important that we have clearly defined our digital targets and invest in the best social listening and reporting tools to guide our strategy and spending, especially in today’s world where our customers are not afraid to voice their concerns on Facebook. We always take a segmented approach to our content and targeting, which has proven to be effective. Content creation is also a critical component of our digital marketing strategy, and we have engaged local influencers to expand our reach to a wider audience. By implementing these tactics, we have been able to maximize the impact of our digital marketing efforts and achieve our brand targets.

TTZ: Marketing in the fintech sector requires a deep understanding of the regulatory landscape. How did you navigate regulatory challenges and compliance issues in your marketing efforts, and how did this contribute to the platform’s success?

Dalitso: As marketers, we work closely with our legal and risk teams, who keep us honest with regard to all regulatory expectations. It is our responsibility as marketers to ensure that we are compliant and meeting the expectations of our regulators.

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