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Order Food Exclusively Through Yango’s All-In-One App

In a strategic move to enhance user experience and streamline services, Yango is excited to announce the exclusive availability of Yango Deli into the main Yango app. This consolidation aims to provide users with a seamless and consolidated platform, combining the efficiency of Yango’s ride-hailing services with the convenience of Yango Deli and Delivery. Yango aims to introduce more digital city services in the near future, a unified interface will serve as a tool for a seamless experience for all Zambian people

Luke Mulenga, Head of Operations for Yango Deli in Zambia, comments “Yango users can now enjoy the ultimate convenience of accessing ride-hailing, restaurant food, and package delivery all in one platform. With this integration, users no longer have to switch between different services and can easily track the status of their orders. Deli remains committed to making ready-made food delivery convenient and fast, while also providing restaurants with an effortless way to reach new customers and couriers with a steady stream of orders.”

Key Reasons for combining all of the services in one interface:

1. One-Stop Solution: By merging Yango Deli into the Yango app, users now have access to a comprehensive range of services all in one place. For Yango, this is only the beginning; from transportation to food and parcel delivery, much more is yet to come and will be  just a tap away, offering a more convenient and efficient experience.

2. Simplified User Interface: Consolidating Yango Deli into the main app simplifies the user interface, reducing the need for multiple apps on users’ devices. This streamlining ensures a smoother navigation experience, making it easier for users to access both ride-hailing and food delivery services effortlessly.

3. Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Operating under a single app allows for enhanced operational efficiency for both users and Yango. This integration minimizes the need for separate updates, leading to a more robust and reliable platform for everyone.

Thus, Yango’s app update made it more convenient for users  by providing the ultimate solution for a one-stop-shop for all transportation and delivery needs. Moreover, all new users who order food from restaurants using the Yango app will receive a welcome offer – K20 discount on the first three orders until the end of January.

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