New Google Doodle goes Rubik’s Cube galore


If you Googled anything today , you probably noticed a large Rubik’s cube right  in front of you when the homepage opened. Well, it’s the 40th anniversary of the Rubik’s cube since its invention so it’s only fitting that Google lets you have one to play with on your own screen. Don’t get too carried away though.

This latest Goodle Doodle is  really fun but one will get distracted (take this as a warning from personal experience earlier this morning) from normal work tasks. Nobody knows yet what happens after you solve it.

Other really fun Google Doodles previously done are:


This one was done to commemorate Michael Jackson’s birthday just a few months after he passed away. We all know his characteristic “don’t-touch” pants with the white socks. MHSRIEP.


Then there was also a Sesame Street themed one in 2009 with the Cookie Monster eating, uhm, what looks like Google chips to mark 40 years of the Sesame Street TV show.

The Google Doodle concept started in 1998 by its founders Larry and Sergey before Google was even rolled out and basically the Google team gets to play around with the Google logo on the homepage, and over 2000 have been made since.

If you want to give Google ideas for their Doodles you can submit them at proposals@google.com. Hopefully yours gets picked.

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