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Protecting your Phone Screen


The awkward silence that follows after you drop your phone is thick enough to be sliced with a machete, wondering what your screen looks like after you pick it up. Time stands still as you pick up what you hope is left of it, and there it is, the most cracks you have ever seen now gracing your screen.

To avoid all this is very simple really. Follow these easy steps to protect your gagdet (or for some, your “baby”):

Screen Protector: The most obvious but highly overlooked tip, is that of putting a screen protector on your screen. It helps avoid your glass screen from getting nasty scratch marks from sharp objects that come into contact with it despite it being a thin sheet of sticky plastic on one side. It will not affect your screen’s resolution much but replace it every few months if the edges start to peel off.

Location, location, location: Where does your phone spend its lifetime? Your palm? Pocket? Bag? If you’re holding other objects with it, you might get scratches on it. Avoid putting it in the same pocket as your keys or other objects. Your bag? unless it’s in a padded pocket by itself the things you carry around may be ‘screen-enemies’ and leave marks you won’t be able to get rid of.

Pouch/Case/Cover: True we all want to show off our phones slim build or even just it’s brand, but is that worth the marks left by that careless decision. Get a cover or pouch for it ASAP. No only does it protect your screen from marks but also acts as a sort of cushion for the phone in case in drops. You won’t have to go through what I described in the first paragraph.

 Water-proof? Unless you have the Sony Xperia Z1 or Samsung Galaxy S5, avoid water. Logical but always all to quickly forgotten. When you wash your hands, wipe them, then touch your phone. That goes out of you whose social media life is better on the crapper. Avoid taking it with you to the bathroom too because the humid air can condense on your phone and form water which eventually gets into your phone screen and then you get a blank screen. Always keep your phone dry.

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