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“I Need Space”: Google Will Give You 2GB If You Tighten Your Security


That’s it! All you have to do is complete your security checkup on Google and get 2GB of space on your account’s Google Drive. The company (Google) is trying to encourage safer internet protection for its users from many of the internet trolls out there.

Google has its own security systems in place but there are some steps that we can all take to further protect ourselves, in an era where hacking and internet fraud seems to be in style.

One of the ways security is increased for any account holder is signing up for 2-step verification. It makes use of your phone number to make sure you get notifications every time your account is logged into or compromised so you can quickly handle it. It also uses your phone number to send a key/code that unlocks your account when you log in. The code can also be given through a voice call or via the Google mobile app. You can read more about 2-step verification here.

According to Google’s blog site, these are the areas that the Security Checkup focuses on:

  • Recovery information
  • Recent activity
  • Account permissions

You need to sign up and protect yourself. We all don’t need our most private business ‘out there’, do we now? Plus you get 2GB of Google Drive space. This is the one time when the words ‘I need space’ actually make sense.

Image Credit: Google


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