MTN Zambia’s SpakaLife Rebrands To Pulse

SpakaLife by MTN Zambia been rebranded and relaunched as “Pulse”, targeted at Zambian youth aged between 16-30 years old.

What’s different this time?

MTN has enhanced the Pulse value proposition making it a data-heavy and youth centric club of sorts, with more add-ons, asides the discounted rates to call ; 3 of your buddies, your friends located on campus, free 60 minutes for night calling, AND a youth social club with various benefits accessible to Zambia’s youth.

Customers previously had access to data only bundles in SpakaLife, but in the new Pulse combo bundles both voice and data are inclusive at more competitive prices.

You can access the Pulse bundles on *117# and choose option 5, or dial *117*5#.

I spoke to Chama Chansa, Segments Marketing Manager at MTN Zambia, and asked her what challenges that target market has and what they would want from Pulse.

“Since SpakaLife was launched things have changed. Our Pulse proposition has voice and is data-heavy compared to SpakaLife which was only data because currently youth use both voice and more data. Data is key for this segment as they use it for eLearning, overall communication, social media, gaming, and various other aspects of their lifestyle,” Chansa says.

How is Pulse different from what’s currently on the market?

“Asides Pulse, there is currently no other youth centric product offering on the Zambian market. MTN is providing a product for the youth segment that is also profitable on the business side. By purchasing any of the Pulse bundles, youth can  enjoy various special rates included such as low Campus Location Calling rates, where students located on the same college or university campus can access to enjoy our 20Ngwee per minute compared to the normal MTN Zambia rates of 0.99 Ngwee per minute. Youths can also add 3 Buddies who they can call at 20 Ngwee per minute. Post purchase of any Pulse bundles, youth can enjoy 60 minutes of free night calling between midnight and 04:59hrs for the duration of validity of the bundle they have purchased. For example, if they purchase a weekly Pulse bundle, they have those free 60 minutes to their Buddies for 7 days within that time. As if that not enough, MTN has also added lifestyle benefits such as a WhatsApp gift component, accessible on some bundles.”

How many campuses are included in the campus location calling?

“There are a number of campuses and colleges included in the campus location calling, to name a couple included are; University of Zambia, Copperbelt University, University of Lusaka, Mukuba University, Cavendish University, Apex University, Mulungushi University, Evelyn Hone College, Texila American University, and many more!!!”

How many subscribers did SpakaLife have?

“We had around 2.9million subscribers on SpakaLife, and these have automatically been migrated to Pulse, so there is no need to resubscribe for the previous SpakaLife subscribers.”

Miss Chama Chansa also added that the Pulse brand ambassador is the artist Princess Natasha Chansa, also known as PNC, who’s a creative fresh voice on the Zambia youthful music scene, with an appeal to the youthful audience that MTN Zambia speaks to. Natasha will be the host of the upcoming “Pulse Show” that will discuss youth social, lifestyle, and aspirational issues and solutions. This show will start airing on the MTN Zambia and Princess Natasha Chansa Facebook pages at the end of April 2022 onwards.


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