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MTN Zambia to hold first #MTN1HourChat with CEO Charles Molapisi

Source: MTN Zambia Facebook page
Source: MTN Zambia Facebook page

As advertised, MTN Zambia will host a 1-hour online chat with their recently appointed CEO Charles Molapisi on Facebook. The chat is open to all Zambians and they can chat with him about anything MTN related.

The chat will start at 15hrs – 16hrs tomorrow, 8th December 2015 and will. 1 hour might not be enough if internet speeds are not fast enough for everyone to get their queries across, but we hope this will not be that last online chat with him or other top-tier officers in MTN to address issues directly. We also don’t think 1 hour will give enough response time for major issues the things that Molapisi would want to explain. We suggest questions be sent in advance by people interested to increase their chance of being answered when Molapisi comes online at 15hrs.

So far only 180 people are interested in the event, with 55 signing up for it on Facebook. To be a part of the chat, register here and use the hashtag #MTN1HourChat with all your questions.


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