MTN Zambia Gives You 5 for 5


5 free minutes every 6 months for K5? It’s a dream come true for MTN Zambia subscribers with this Special SIM Promotion.  Here’s how you get this benefit.

First, buy a SIM for K5 at any service centre or sales agents even along the street. Once you activate it on your phone, you get a free K1 and a free tariff migration instantly.

To get the free 5 minutes however, you need to have to have used at least K5 in a month after activation which will be credited to your number after 30 days for the next 6 months.  The K5 you use within that month doesn’t have to be spent on voice calls only. It also counts if you SMS and buy data too. Note,that you only get 5 free minutes once a month.

Obviously every promotion has terms and conditions so the first is that this Special SIM Promotion is only valid if you bought your SIM after the launch date. The 5 free minutes you get can only be used within 72 hours of receipt. 

The 5 free minutes can only be used  to call other MTN Zambia numbers and are billed per second. if you change your tariff plan, you’ll still maintain the 5 free minutes though. For example if you move from MTN Call Per Second to MTN Talk4Eva, you will still get your 5 free minutes very month for 6 months as long as you spend K5 or more.


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