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Sony Xperia Z2 Phone Available Only for 6 Months


First of all, if you have visited the Sony Store at Manda Hill and have been told that the Sony Xperia Z2 does not exist, then please excuse the ignorance. I went there a few days ago and was condescendingly advised by the shop-keeper that there is no such thing as a Sony Xperia Z2 on the market. Well, it took every fibre of discipline in me to keep a straight face and walk-away. According to the shop-keeper who was quoting the shop-owners from Dubai, there is only a Sony Xperia Z1 Ultra. Indeed such a device does exist, but so does the Sony Xperia Z2 which was just launched at the #MWC14.

Anyway, the point of this story is not to whine. The scoop is that the Xperia Z2 will undergo an upgrade in about half a year. The reason being that Sony feels in order to maintain the flagship status of the product, it must be upgraded faster to keep it competitive. Sony Mobile’s Creative Director, Director of Product Planning and UX General Manager, Yoshiro Kurozumi, commented about design, saying Sony doesn’t want to rely on a single design, which could mean the company will perhaps move away from its OmniBalance design language, which has dominated the Xperia line so far (including Z, Z1 and Z2, compact and ultra included).

For those of you who have been wondering whether to upgrade or not, well this is definitely food for thought. Do you want to spend a fortune on the newly released Xperia Z2 and only have to do another upgrade six months later? We pay attention to your search queries and some have also been asking whether it’s worth it to buy a Samsung Galaxy S5 now or just wait for the iPhone 6. Well… it’s up to you. Most of these smartphones have the same functionality. it just depends what your personal preferences are. For instance, some people are die-hard Android fans while others are hard-core iOS.

The latest phone race is no longer centred on the newest device on the market but rather the specs that your phone carries. For example, camera, connectivity, screen size, design and/or shape, etc.  Most importantly, but something which you will truly optimise otherwise it will be money down the drain. One would be better off buying a decently affordable standard flagship smartphone in order to get a good bundle rather than a “beast” and get a wacky bundle.