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MTN Mobile Money Celebrates 100,000 Merchants In Zambia

MTN Mobile Money is celebrating having reached 100,000 Merchants countrywide after opening the year with 29,000 Merchants. The milestone signifies the successful implementation of its innovative “pay-anywhere” feature across Zambian businesses. With this powerful payment platform in place, it has become easier than ever for people to pay for their everyday needs and have a modern connected life.

The MoMoPay service, which has gained significant popularity is a merchant payment service that enables customers to pay a merchant for goods and services directly from their mobile wallet without any additional fees. On activation, all Merchants are given a Merchant ID and a quick response code (QR) as a primary merchant identifier. Customers have the option to either pay by scanning a merchant’s QR code or by inputting the Merchant’s unique ID on their mobile device.
MTN has identified a clear value proposition in offering MoMoPay as a payment channel for merchant acceptance. Over recent years, MTN has observed an increased adoption of the service from both MNOs and small businesses alike.

Speaking during a press briefing yesterday, the Managing Director Mr. Komba Malukutila stated, “The increased adoption of MoMoPay can also be attributed to the collective effort by MNOs and governing bodies such as Bank of Zambia and ZICTA who are championing the drive that is leading Zambia towards being a leading digital and cashless economy.”

MTN Zambia MoMo Managing Director Komba Malukutila

Some of the recognizable MoMoPay merchants include Afridelivery, Coca-Cola, Choppies, Pizza inn, Nkana Football Club, Yalelo, Romans Pizza, Varun, Mobile City, Mozambik, Emark and Victoria Hospital to name a few. In addition, there are also several brick-and-mortar businesses that have harnessed the service to improve their payment collections. The 100,000-merchant achievement is a true representation of MTN MoMo’s effort to promote the digitization of payments across Zambia while ensuring that every Zambian can enjoy the benefit of a modern connected life, Mr. Malukutila stated.

In 2023, MoMoPay will include an additional value-added service to all merchants who will now be able to sell airtime and earn up to 6% commission.

MTN Mobile Money looks at this significant milestone as a moment to reflect and propel the service even further through increased awareness programs across the country. As a team we are passionate about driving financial inclusion so we will keep going till we can see the uptake of the service increase by the millions, Mr. Malukutila concluded.

Source: MTN Zambia