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Subilo Energy Launches Lithium-ion Batteries And Electric Vehicle Charge Stations

Subilo Energy, a local startup in the renewable/sustainable energy space had its long-awaited product launch at the Government Complex in Lusaka on the 14th of December 2022.

After 2 years of research and development, Subilo unveiled its flagship product, lithium-ion batteries, the first of their kind in Zambia.

The company designs and assembles lithium-ion batteries which come in three versions. Their smallest size is a 12v 100ah followed by a midsize 12v 150ah. The biggest size is a 12v 200ah. Subilo has deployed the latest technology in their batteries to ensure high performance and durability.

This is evidenced from their batteries having a life span of at least 15 years compared to conventional batteries.

Subilo’s batteries also have a high energy density which enables them to have a longer runtime/range. They are also lightweight, weighing close to 40% less than their counterparts like gel, AGM and lead acid batteries. The company also realized that its batteries would be used in different environments and made the battery casing tough with the ability to resist corrosiveness and heat.

Subilo’s lithium-ion batteries have a wide use range. This includes their use on both on-grid/backup and off-grid solar systems. These key advantages make Subilo’s lithium-ion batteries a great choice for meeting the energy storage needs of individuals, corporates, farmers, mobile network operators, mines and contractors. They can also be used on electric cars, electric bikes and electric scooters.

Subilo also launched its electric vehicle charge stations. The company will be installing charge stations for the public in designated places within Lusaka and across major highways in Zambia.

“Our hope is that this will help accelerate the adoption of electric cars in Zambia,” said Subilo’s CEO Greg Chama. The charge stations will also be available for home or office use for those wanting to use them in their homes or at office blocks or government offices.

Both products are available for preorder from the Subilo site at www.subiloenergy.com
Source: Subilo’s Energy