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Local App Friday: ZynlePay payment gateway

Image Credit: Zynle Pay
Image Credit: Zynle Pa

About the Payment Gateway

The payment gateway is called ZynlePay. It’s the only true and indigenous payment gateway in Zambia.

ZynlePay allows merchants or organizations to receive money from their clients using debit/credit card. It has been integrated in card brand networks for card authorization, capture, and settlements.

The Payment gateway currently receiving Internet payment with debit/credit cards like VISA, Mastercard, Maestro and American Express.


Merchants Accounts

In order to receive payments, merchants are provided with merchants account linked to their bank account. Merchant accounts also called Internet accounts are provided by Zynle Technologies Limited working  with VISA and MerchAct.  Organizations can use bank accounts of their own choice.


Type of Merchants Account Provided

  1. Real Merchant Accounts:

These are Internet merchant accounts that are linked to a bank account. Settlements are done directly to an organization or bank.

  1. Virtual Merchant Account:

These are accounts that are virtual in nature and not linked to any bank account and provided to high-risk merchants. Settlements to these  accounts are done through a collection account and later electronically sent to the individual bank accounts of the merchants.


Using the Payment Gateway

  1. API

ZynlePay provides APIs for integration from third party website/ERP/System. Zynle also provides cart plugins  for famous content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and CakePHP

  1. ZynlePay portal:

Merchant can receive funds through ZynlePay portal by simply sending payment link to buyer of service or products

  1. Virtual Terminal:

This is a web-terminal that allow merchants to receive payment via phone,  email or fax. Merchants using option 2 and 3 need not have their website where buyers can  access their service or products.



Zynle understands the risks associated with payment over Internet and endeavors to keep best practices in its operational procedures, software development standards, customer data transmission and data storage.

Compliant with PCI  standards and works with security metrics of theUS to enhance security and audit systems.


  1. The cost of using our payment gateway is affordable. There is a once off setup fee of as low as K3500 and transaction fee ranging between 3% to 5% depending on the volumes.

Future Enhancement

  1. MNO Money Transaction integration
  1. Mobile Money services integration
  1. Electronic Cheque clearance
  1. ZynlePay Debit/Credit Card


Zynle already has a number of organizations receiving money via ZynlePay payment gateway which  is growing and growing very fast.  Below is a list of some of our clients:

  1. Smart Business Centre (using Virtual Terminal and ZynlePay Portal)
  1. Zambian Open University (using Zynle API)
  1. Eureka Soft eWallet and Utility payment Mobile App (using ZynlePay API)
  1. Texila American University in Africa (using Zynle API)
  1. Soon iConnect – (using Zynle API)

See more at www.zynlepay.com.

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