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Local App Friday: Viva Campaign

 viva campaign- screenshot

Every Friday we feature a local tech product in our Local App Friday segment and this week’s is Viva Campaign. We asked developer Daniel Nonde and his team more about it:

What does the the app do?

Viva Campaign is a Political Networking Application that has been created to serve as a platform for interaction between voters and electoral candidates.

Why should someone use it?

The idea is to encourage voters to get to know their leaders before and create relationships before voting for them. People have always voted for people they know absolutely nothing about and complain when things are not been done in their communities, and shunning further participation from electoral processes, therefore denying themselves rights to participate in governance and democracy.

It is important for voters to use the application as it gives a common man on the streets a chance to air his views with just one click. For leaders, with just one message they can reach millions of potential voters who are not able to attend rallies or who do not have the privilege of reading the newspaper and watching TV due to one reason or another but do own mobile phones. The platform could also be used as a way of communicating for purposes other  than politics.

Where can it be downloaded? 

Viva Campaign can be downloaded from Google Play Store for all Android users. For everyone else, it will be available on their mobile stores in a week and will also be accessed via the web.

The application was initially developed for Zambian users but has attracted users from across the world. We have made it accessible to that effect. It will come in 27 different different languages soon!


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