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Local App Friday: Klub Vegas Zambia app


Yes , you know where it the club is but do you know what’s happening there the night you want to go hang out there? Enter Klub Vegas Zambia mobile app.

I chuckled a little at finding it because I have gone there so many times and.. wait.. this isn’t about me.

What the app does 

It has a menu that ranges from DJ profiles, booking options, a catalogue of what they sell in the club as well as contact details of all their clubs:

The booking allows you to reserve VIP seating but I’m not too sure if I’ve ever seen actual reserved areas in the club(s) itself but share if you have. You can also book them fo revents if you’re planning one by selecting the number of people you’re inviting, where they’ll be required to go and when:

Screenshot_20160513-131915The DJ profiles are a cool touch if you want to get to know more about who you see in the booth making you dance till 6 in the morning. Yes, 6 in the morning…

What did I find wrong with it?

As much as the DJ profiles give insights into the personalities, they are very outdated as of today. Secondly, the food and drink menu quotes the prices in dollars instead of Kwacha and I don’t think these are the current prices at the moment:Screenshot_20160513-131818 (1)

Other features: 

You can access their social media platforms from within the app when you go to the ‘Contacts‘ tab, and you can get their phone numbers as well.

I feel a lot of this stuff is known by locals so maybe the app is useful to first-timers with  no local friends to tell them. I just hope Klub Vegas improves it and add more cool, hip features if they can.

Download the app here for Android.


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