Highlights for the Zambian Apple Fan – From the Tuesday Launch

apple-ipad-air.png The Apple fanboy has always stood out from the crowd as someone with a deeper appreciation for design, aesthetics and near-perfect workmanship of hardware and software. They are writers, graphic designers, high-flying executives in businesses such as fashion, publishing and media.

apple-ipad-air-ad.pngFrom the event on Tuesday which saw the launch of 2 new iPad lines, we saw nothing new about that as was expected. The addition of a new iPad Mini with a Retina display brings the improved graphics experience of the iPad 3 to the mini version. A new addition to the line is the iPad Air – which spots an even thinner body. “Impressive” says our resident Apple Evangelist Luciano. It comes in at a heftier price of $499 at cost, compared to the iPad Mini with Retina at $399.

apple-ipad-lineup.pngFor the Zambian fanboy, a quick dipstick points out that the biggest hit from Tuesday was the announcement of FREE OS on all hardware that is bought from Apple, straight from the Apple Store. “That is huge,” says our Resident Apple Evangelist, “Think of it as Microsoft giving away Windows 8.1 with every purchase of new hardware.” Complete with Office 2013 and other useful Apps. This more referring to the new iWorks, an Office replacement for Mac OS. Get this, the entire iWorks package is now free for Mac OS users.

apple-mac-os-x-mavericks-battery-life.pngIn addition to that, the new line of Macs – led by the MacBook Pro – spots a host of impressive specs in processors and battery life for serious high-end users of graphics, publishing and media production (or general entertainment use at home and work). Kudos to Apple for keeping their segments and target markets well-defined, while others struggle with streams of products aimed at no one.

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