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Liquid Intelligent Technologies Intensifies Efforts to Bridge Zambia’s Digital Divide With Public Wi-fi Services

Liquid Intelligent Technologies (Liquid), a business of Cassava Technologies, a leading pan-African technology group has launched an innovative public Wi-Fi service in Zambia, aimed at providing cost-effective, high-speed Wi-Fi access.

With the launch in Livingstone, Zambia’s tourism capital, Liquid aims to cater in particular to the needs of users looking for convenient and flexible connectivity in multiple locations, such as the country’s youth, travellers visiting the region, and local small and medium-sized enterprises. This most recent rollout extends Liquid’s existing Wi-Fi services in Zambia, which have been successfully offered to the country’s financial institutions for several years.

“By establishing a public Wi-Fi network, Liquid is ensuring that the people of Zambia have reliable access to the internet, regardless of their location or economic status,” said Mark Townsend, CEO of Liquid Zambia. “This initiative is one of the ways in which we’re helping to bridge the digital divide and empower small businesses and individuals to thrive in the global digital economy, and simultaneously contribute to Zambia’s economic growth.”

With 4.3 million internet users in Zambia, representing an internet penetration rate of just over 21 percent, Liquid’s public Wi-Fi access has the potential to provide significant benefits for users in the country. This includes easy and convenient Internet accessibility without the need for a data plan, the productivity that comes from being able to work remotely from any location, and access to online information and entertainment. Tourists have the ability to stay connected, and local businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups benefit from the resulting ecommerce opportunities.

Zambia’s Minister of Tourism, Hon. Rodney Sikumba, and Her Worship the Mayor of Livingstone, Ms. Constance Muleabai, attended the 23rd of April 2024 launch event, reflecting both the value attached by the government to such initiatives, and the importance of public-private partnerships in providing digital solutions.

The expansion will provide Wi-Fi access in public areas such as education institutions, hospitality venues, hospitals, municipal council areas, bus stops, local government offices, retail, and shopping malls, and more, catering to a wide range of industries and users. In terms of data security, an additional key feature is various layers of security that protect users from online cyber threats.

This exciting public Wi-Fi rollout and associated benefits, both social and economic, reflects Liquid Zambia’s commitment to providing futuristic and forward-thinking solutions that enhance connectivity and drive digital transformation across the continent. It also firmly aligns with the company’s goal of ensuring that no African is left behind in Africa’s ongoing digital transformation.

Source: APO 

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