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ISP Realtime rebranded to ‘Hai’ under Liquid Telecom: What they offer


Liquid Telecoms, a major internet service provider (ISP) in Zambia and beyond, acquired ISP retailer RealTime and rebranded it to ‘Hai‘ just this month so what’s changed?

Well, not much. The name Hai means “I’m alive” in Swahili and hopefully they will bring some life to the almost stalled internet service provision currently being provided by ISPs in Zambia.

Hai still has the Fibroniks package that allows for a fibre to the home (FTTH) internet connectivity service, promising speeds of up to 100mbps under uncapped data packages. Fibroniks had expanded from Zambia to Zimbabwe earlier this year.

There are two types of  internet service packages offered under Hai, Home and Business, that offer various plans for various user needs. Hai will also offer, according to Liquid Telecom, the following:

  •  In remote regions where fibre is not yet available, a LTE fixed wireless connection or even a satellite connection (e.g. VSAT) can be deployed.
  • A business continuity and data protection service that continuously and seamlessly backs up customer data enabling quick and easy restoration in case of loss or theft.
  • A WiFi hotspot service for public places (markets, universities, airports etc.) as well as for companies to install within their premises for their customers to enjoy
    A video-on-demand service that brings Hollywood movies, top-rated TV series, kids programmes and more to homes in Africa.
  • An interactive education service, following the national curriculum in local language, which will provide children in Africa with the same chance to learn and excel.

In a statement on the rebranding,  Nic Rudnick, CEO of the Liquid Telecom Group, said “We have firmly established Liquid Telecom as the premier wholesale carrier in Africa. Expanding into the retail market has become a focus for Liquid Telecom and we acquired a number of retail brands as part of our geographic expansion. We will continue to invest heavily in Africa as we believe that every person has a right to be connected.”

The rebranding to Hai was first done in Zambia, with Kenya and Rwanda up next shortly. You can visit the Hai website here to view their packages.


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