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Is Airtel’s Night Store Unlimited Data and Airtime pack worth staying up for?


Unlimited data and call time seems like a dream doesn’t it? Well, it still may be just  a dream looking at the Night Store offer from Airtel. Promising subscribers ‘unlimited’ browsing and call time, the offer already seems to be falling short of expectations.


I didn’t even have to dig deep to find the feedback about the product. Two complaints that stood out were that the fact that the plan wasn’t working for some subscribers after they had bought the Night Store packs, and that customer care was of no help.

To address the complaint of the package not working, like one subscriber commented, are there no test runs done before product launch to ensure the plan actually works? Or is it the subscriber’s fault for not properly signing up or reading the terms and conditions?


Targeting consumers like students who stay up at night to study and/or research, the plan was a brilliant idea, just poorly executed so far looking at the complaints, with many subscribers demanding their money back.

The Night Store offer has the following options:

  1. Unlimited calling and browsing combo at only K5.
  2. Unlimited calling at K3.
  3. Unlimited browsing at K3 Unlimited calling is for Airtel calls.

The Packs are valid from 22:00 hours to 05:00 hours the next day.

As regards Customer Care services, despite having a long day with so many calls to handle, you are CUSTOMER CARE. Your attitude should remain courteous to callers. Take a few tips here on being the best service agent there is. It’s also a great read for managers who have product innovation but lagging customer care.

The offer, if really unlimited, would be a great one for subscribers like students who do most of their research at night, or others who just like their browsing needs met after hours. However, if the service is malfunctioning more than expected, a look into that would be greatly appreciated.

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