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Investmobile, Investrust’s new Mobile Banking App


Every bank is jumping on the mobile banking scene and the latest are Investrust  Bank Plc who’ve just launched Investmobile, a mobile banking app meant to make their banking services readily available and in the hands (literally) of their customer.

Investrust’s newspaper advertisements today show that Investmobile is available in the App store, Google Play Store and Blackberry World platform but a check on all 3 platforms showed nothing by that name:

No results in Google Play Store for Investmobile


The app should come with the following important features:

  • Bill payment facilities
  • Balance inquiry
  • Airtime purchase
  • Mini bank statements
  • Treasury information
  • Forex rates
  • Money transfers, even to other banks’ accounts
  • Debit card application

It’s almost a pattern now to advertise products that are not ready to launch which really has to be worked on in Zambia.

The need for such services as Investmobile, a mobile banking app, is beneficial to the modern man who loathes queues but if not available when they advertise, that comes off as poor customer relations.

A full app review will be done for you once the app is fully available.

Image Credit: Zambia Reports



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