Introducing Digihub Ventures

Websites and apps are changing how individuals communicate their brand and market and sell their products and services.

With over 4 million internet users in Zambia, the internet has provided an effective means of
advertising, communicating with clients and learning more about the market to enable diversification
and expansion. Aiming to be at the forefront of this digital revolution in Zambia is Digihub Ventures, a web and app development company based in Lusaka.

“We saw an opportunity in the sector now and in the future and decided to establish the company last
year,” explains CEO Mr. Changala Simukoko.

He further explained that the company has so far developed websites and apps for individual
consultants, mining and fintech firms amidst a diverse range of companies transcending different
sectors of the economy.

The company also develops in-house apps whose execution they totally handle, from development up to roll-out and marketing.

“We see a lot of opportunities in the sector as more Zambian companies, especially SMEs embrace and
adopt technology in their operations,” Simukoko further stated, “And we have faith in the ability of our
world-class engineers to be adaptable and ready for change and growth.”

See more about Digihub Ventures here.

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