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Instagram users got hacked and the company has responded

Some Instagram users have reported issues with their accounts such as not being able to log in or finding some of their contact settings changed. The hackers are not posting new photos or deleting old ones from victims’ accounts, but are changing all of the contact information linked to the account making it very difficult for its owner to have access.

Instagram has responded saying it is aware of the issues and is investigating them. The total number of accounts that have been affected has been shared so far.

In the meantime Instagram has shared the following tips to protect your account:

  • If you received an email from us notifying you of a change in your email address, and you did not initiate this change – please click the link marked ‘revert this change’ in the email, and then change your password.
  • We advise you pick a strong password. Use a combination of at least six numbers, letters and punctuation marks (like ! and &). It should be different from other passwords you use elsewhere on the internet.
  • You can also use the steps outlined on this page to restore your account. Please use a new, secure email address to restore your account.
  • Finally, revoke access to any suspicious third-party apps and turn on two-factor authentication for additional security. Our current two-factor authentication allows people to secure their account via text, and we’re working on additional two-factor functionality with more to share soon.

These tips are useless for users who’ve already lost access to their account.

“We have dedicated teams helping people to secure their accounts. If you have reached out to us about your account, you will hear back from our team soon,” Instagram says.

Mashable has shared some of the stories from hacked victims here.

You can also see more at the Instagram Help Centre here and get security tips here.


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