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INFRATEL Launches Cloud 9, Its Cloud Computing Technology

INFRATEL Zambia has launched Cloud 9, its Cloud Computing Technology on the Zambian market. The goal is to digitize businesses and give them an opportunity to digitally transform with world-class Microsoft Azure Stack services.

INFRATEL Acting CEO Dr. Evans Silavwe

Here are more details in the speech by INFRATEL Acting CEO Dr. Evans Silavwe:

“INFRATEL is Zambia’s premium ICT infrastructure provider, formed by the IDC to operate shareable ICT services. The mandate is very clear, to reduce the CAPEX and OPEX on infrastructure and allow organizations like yours to focus on your core business.

INFRATEL has operated two service lines from inception, the tower infrastructure and the data Centre infrastructure. Today we focus on the enhancements in the data Centre space where we operate your standard colocation and Cloud services.

INFRATEL data Centres have run at 100% availability for over 6 years. More so speaking specifically about the Infratel Cloud platform that now hosts over 200 businesses with no down time. As robust as the cloud platform has been, limitations have been observed in provisioning of service especially where our staff have a significant role to play. Our customers have also requested for a world recognized cloud platform for their comfort. We are happy to announce at this time that both those concerns have been addressed through the Cloud 9 launch.

We have deployed the world recognized Microsoft Azure Cloud in our data Centre here in Zambia in a form called the Azure stack. The Azure Stack, being launched, seeks to address three fundamental challenges for businesses in Zambia.

The first challenge is that of data regulation, specifically speaking to data residency laws that many countries have adopted.

The second challenge is latency for applications that require low latency. This is only achievable with a Cloud platform in-country.

The third challenge is that of intermittent connectivity, that is prevalent on the upstream side. Microsoft Azure stack addresses all these challenges making users compliant with regulation, overcome both latency and connectivity challenges in one move.

With this launch we bring the scale of capabilities in the public cloud closer to the user and further still add the element of face-to-face support for a service that is already superior. We believe that this platform will change the spending dynamics on IT infrastructure for businesses in Zambia. Cloud 9 will open up innovation to all Zambians, irrespective of their financial status as there is a package for everyone. Organisations will have the flexibility to initiate an instance with only resources they need and scale up as their business demands grow, thereby introducing huge savings.

INFRATEL’s guarantee is that when we onboard you to Cloud 9, you are not coming down. We plan to satisfy your digital transformation and ICT infrastructure needs in totality. We will not act like my favourite club Arsenal. They took us to cloud 9 for 5 games and yet let our fiercest opponent bring us down to earth. Our Cloud 9 is different, we have plans to keep adding to this deployment with new products in the coming months and years. We are looking to establish long term partnerships with your businesses.

Our appeal to the CEOs here is that they should scrutinise the budgets being presented to them for the year 2023 from their IT departments. This launch should make it difficult for the IT director to justify investing in server hardware. INFRATEL has invested heavily in this infrastructure so that you do not have to spend your resources where they are least needed. Our desire is that you will spend on the core business of your institutions and make use of existing infrastructure in country. In that way we will both win in providing the service to the end users at an affordable rate and in so doing accelerate the adoption of digital services.”

To see more about the product visit https://www.infratel.co.zm/promotion/cloud9