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Infinix Mobile has launched in Zambia


Last week Friday, smartphone maker Infinix successfully held its market première in Zambia by launching new products, such as the flagship model ZERO 3, the NOTE 3 with a focus on large screen and fast charging, the elegant looking HOT S with a focus on photography by young consumers and the colorful HOT 4, at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Lusaka. This was another strategic move by Infinix after it entered markets such as Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana and Togo

This product launch attracted local media outlets, smartphone retailers, carriers and representatives of university student unions.

‘Africa has jumped beyond the PC stage into the age of the Internet’, according to Chris Xu, Manager for Infinix Zambia.

Zambia has very strong demand for mobile communications devices. With an influx of Android-powered smartphones into Africa, local consumers who were mostly using feature phones are turning to smartphones. Infinix mainly targets the mid-range and high-end segments, especially the group of digital technology enthusiasts, by continuously satisfying consumers’ curiosity about technology through its smartphones with powerful features, excellent exterior designs and a distinctive brand style.

It is reported that the four Infinix product lines which have successfully covered Europe, South America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia have all entered Zambia. The high-end, flagship model, Infinix ZERO 3 (pictured above) features a masculine appearance, a top-level Sony 20.70-megapixel camera and world-leading smartphone functions. With a high pixel count, this camera not only brings clear photos but also comes with the Sony-exclusive Exmor RS function which enables the taking of clear photos even in dark lighting conditions such as at night or at a bar. This, in combination with a dual-color LED flash (warm and cool light), makes photos even more vivd. Besides world-leading photographic features, ZERO 3 comes with a powerful core. The flagship-level Helio X10 processor enables various smartphone apps to run smoothly and the 5.5” screen brings a perfect user experience.

Of all the launched products, there was the Infinix NOTE 3 Series for business professionals and functionalists. This smartphone focuses on a large screen and fast charging (5 min charge : 200 min talk). Such a powerful function of Infinix NOTE 3 is attributable to the X-charge feature, which brings higher charging efficiency thanks to dual 4.5-A twin-engine recharging chips and an industry-leading water cooling technology originally designed for space applications. Given business professionals’ need for working in a mobile manner, Infinix NOTE 3 is equipped with a 6.0” 1,080-pixel ultra-high definition screen that increases both the viewing area and image quality.


Targeting young consumers who generally love taking selfies, HOT S focuses on photographic features led by a 8.0-megapixel front camera with 1.4-µm pixels enabling the easy capturing of all facial details for beautiful selfies. It features a top-level 13.0-megapixel AF rear camera with support for PDAF which enables easy and fast center focusing in a flexible manner comparable to that of human eyes. Additionally, HOT S boasts an elegantly compact 5.2” user-friendly body design which suits operations by a single hand anywhere at any time.


Another product launched at this event is the Infinix HOT 4 smartphone comes with an understated business version and a colorful, trendy one. Of these, the HOT 4 business version features flagship-level specs including fingerprint recognition, ultra-long standby time, a 13.0-megapixel rear camera and a 5.0-megapixel front camera which, in combination with the fast 4G network, suit young business professionals. By comparison, the HOT 4 trendy version comes with striking specs including a 8.0-megapixel rear camera and a 5.0-megapixel front camera which, together with the mainstream 3G network and the colorful 3D diamond-shaped pattern, bring a product of choice for young consumers.

Having launched the four Infinix product lines shows Infinix’s resolution to enter, and confidence in, the Zambian market. Going forward, Infinix will keep improving functions and apps to introduce mobile products which better suit local consumers, thereby winning their acceptance, according to Infinix.

Source: Infinix Zambia

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